The art of religion news in the internet age, 1962-1975

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The era of plain text

Disrupter City

The art of religion news in Disrupter City

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News media innovations arose with the vast movement of people and ideas into late 19th Century New York City.

Aikman Almonds

David Aikman’s When the Almond Tree Blossoms reads as if it was written about 2016.

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New edition published September 1st!

If these Bronx clothes could talk! Illustration by A Journey through NYC religions. Photo: Russell Lee/Library of Congress

The incompleteness theorem of the art of religion news

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More than anything else, New York City contains religious mysteries.

Yellow journalism was journalism that was emotional, colorful and highly opinionated. Named after the cartoon series "The Yellow Kid" drawn by cartoonist Richard F. Outcault between 1895 and 1898.

Sensationalism versus sobriety in the art of religion news in the 19th & 20th Centuries

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The reign of “objective news” was gradually supplanted by the reign of screaming headlines and sob-provoking stories.


Intro: Complexity and contradiction in the art of online religion news reporting

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The art of religion news media starts in America with its very first newspaper.

Religion Reporting Conference_Square

Reporting on Religion

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National Conference March 14th! After Iowa, you know that you need to brush up on your religious reporting.

Izeze is the Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief for the Nigerian newspaper The Guardian. He has reported in Nigeria since the early 1980s.

Journalism Under Fire

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In closed countries like Nigeria, journalistic ethics are mortgaged by survival instincts. But Christian ethics takes this journalist one step further.


Journalism and the Two Mandates: the role of journalism in creation and mission

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The idea of vocation is particularly Christian. In ancient Greece leisure was the only end of any work and so work itself was not seen as a vocation. All labour was seen as slavish. In Hindu religious culture, the focus is on fulfilling one duty. Work was a part of such duty. Work itself was   (more…)


‘Gotcha’ responsibility? How reporters can serve their readers

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Journalists should be serving our readers with helpful news but often we look for our readers to serve our careers and agendas. What is a Christian journalist’s responsibilities in serving his or her readers?


God the Communicator

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God is a god who communicates with his creation. Humans exercise their ‘image of God’ by communicating with each other. As journalists, how can we fulfill both our mandate to objective reporting and our calling to communicate God’s story?


Reporting, The Meanings of Words, and Bible Prophecy…

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What can an investigative reporter learn from the meaning of “revelation” as presented by the Bible?

lee strobel by mayra beltran houston chronicle

Lee Strobel Makes The Case For Christ

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Lee Strobel came to faith by examining the Bible like an investigative journalist.


NY Times faces heat for claiming that James Foley converted while in ISIS captivity

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GetReligion.org challenges NYTimes report of James Foley’s faith-change.

Goto speaks to children in AleppKenji Goto captured and broadcast the voices of children in war-torn areas. Here, he speaks to children in Aleppo, northern Syria. Photo: Japan Timeso, northern Syria. Photo: Japan Times

Kenji Goto, Christian Journalist, Beheaded By ISIS

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Adapted & updated from Timothy C. Morgan, Christianity Today